Lenora Bee Apiary | Cowichan Valley Hive Share
Lenora Bee Apiary provides the Cowichan Valley with its first Hive Share program
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Cowichan Valley’s Hive Share

Our Hive Share is for new beekeepers who want a true taste of the beekeeping season.
Twice a month your Hive-Group will meet at our established home yard for hands on beekeeping education and tutorials.
At the end of our Hive Share we want the Beekeeper to feel fully prepared for hives of their own.

The Lenora Bee Hive Share Program

•    Members meet twice a month at our Hive Share bee-yard in North Cowichan, every second Sunday for 2-3 hours
•    Members will have hands on experience with honey bee colonies
•    Members will have monthly homework of readings or videos
•    All supplies (bee-suits, tools, smokers, etc.) are provided
•    Members receive monthly learning guides on hive management
techniques specific to the season
•    Members receive Honey Bee Pest and Disease Guides
•    Members will write and design their own Integrated Pest
Management (IPM) plan
•    Hive Share groups are a maximum of 10 members
•    End of year Honey Extraction Workshop

The Hive Share runs from May 1 to September 30

Hive Share Outline


Swarm Control & Splits, Honey Bee Biology


Equalizing, Varroa Mite Control, Hive Hygiene​


Honey Production, Integrated Pest Management Development for your Apiary​


Pests & Diseases, Monitoring and Testing.


Honey Extraction and Fall Management

Lenora Beekeeping Ideals

We focus on connecting our honeybees with as much wild flora as possible, limiting the amount of supplemental feeding, while still recognizing that it is necessary during nectar dearth periods.


At Lenora Bee, we believe in breeding a strong population of local honeybees with genetic stock selected for our area and climate. We do treat our bees for a variety of pests and diseases and our treatments of preference are organic. Most of all, we believe in supporting local beekeepers!

Get in Touch


Chelsea Abbott
1 250 715 8106