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We’re excited to share the joy of bees with you. Our Hive Share is designed to integrate hands-on experience with supportive, group learning.

Price: $160/month + gst

Payment is accepted by cheque, cash or e-transfer upon hive placement. Paying for your hive share in the spring is supporting your beekeeper throughout the season in the earliest part of the year. A monthly payment plan can also be provided.

•    Members meet twice a month at our Hive Share bee-yard in North Cowichan, every second Sunday for 2-3 hours
•    Members will have hands on experience with honey bee colonies
•    Members will have monthly homework of readings or videos
•    All supplies (bee-suits, tools, smokers, etc.) are supplied
•    Members receive monthly learning guides on Hive-management
techniques specific to the season
•    Members receive Honey Bee Pest and Disease Guides
•    Members Members will write and design their own Integrated Pest
Management (IPM) plan
•    Hive Share groups are a maximum of 10 members
•    End of year Honey Extraction Workshop

The Hive Share runs from May 1 to September 30

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