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We’re excited to share the joy of bees with you. Our Hives Shares are sold out for 2017, but you can fill in the form on the right to tentatively sign up for the 2018 Hive Share.

Basic Hive Share

May – September, $120/month

hive installation, monthly hive products, maintenance of hive by experienced beekeeper, monthly hive updates

Educational Hive Share

April – October, $170/month

hive installation, monthly hive products, two-two hour visits per month by an experienced beekeeper who will educate you through the beekeeping season, monthly hive updates, access to Bee Library

Payment is accepted by cheque, cash or e-transfer upon hive placement. Paying for your hive share in the spring is supporting your beekeeper throughout the season in the earliest part of the year. A monthly payment plan can also be provided.

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Chelsea Abbott
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